Friday Night in Rome Italy…..

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October…..Brooklyn Love Mix…..DJ Set @ BXL

Its a busy month up for me and I’m psyched to be able to share some of the results with you. First of all my latest mix is available ¬†right here for free download and/or listen to it on the player.¬†\’Brooklyn Love Mix Tracks from Henrik Schwartz, Bent, King Britt, Anna Cavazos/Ashleigh Haney/Kenny Carpenter and […]

Fall is here and I’m in the mood for some RAC!!!

Hello Everybody! This week has brought the weather that makes sense for October in the East. Brisk weather means more time spent inside listening to amazing tunes from all over. For me, the song of the week is most definitely the RAC remix of Holy Ghost’s ‘Static on the Wire’watch?v=83ToEIo7CLc! RAC is remixer Andre Anjos […]

Deep Inside Volumen Dos

An old song I wrote….which i love again. ENJOY!